Questions About CraveBurger

What is a virtual restaurant?

Glad you asked! A Virtual Restaurant is a restaurant that does not own a brick-and-mortar location for dine-in, and exists for delivery only. In the case of CraveBurger, we partner with great restaurants in your community to make our awesome food!

Where are you located? What are your hours?

We have numerous locations throughout the United States! Since we partner with local restaurants in your community to make our food, our hours will vary based on location.

Questions about your order

Where is my order?

You can check the status of your order by clicking the tracking link provided in your order confirmation email. Additionally, you will receive real-time SMS notifications with live tracking updates from your delivery provider.

How will my food arrive?

Your food will arrive packaged by the restaurant and delivered based on the instructions you include in your order. If something doesn't look quite right when it arrives, please reach out to our customer service team at 888-259-5475.

What can I do if my order never arrives?

First and foremost, we're sorry! While we strive to make both your order and delivery experience perfect every time, sometimes mistakes happen. And when they do, we're here to make things right. Please connect with our customer service team at 888-259-5475 for assistance.

How can I report a missing or incorrect item from my order?

While we strive to make both your order and delivery experience perfect every time, sometimes mistakes happen. And when they do, we're here to make things right.

If your order was delivered, but had a missing or incorrect item, the quickest way to get help is by reporting the issue to our customer service team at 888-259-5475.

How do I cancel my order?

At this time, once an order is placed, it is unable to be cancelled. As soon as your order is placed, our restaurant partners immediately start preparing your order. Once they begin prep, it would be detrimental to our restaurant partners to cancel.

Why was my order cancelled?

Orders may be cancelled due to:
• The restaurant is closed
• The restaurant is out of an item
• The restaurant is no longer accepting takeout orders
While we never want a situation where your order is cancelled by a party other than you, if it is, we will ensure you receive a full credit or refund. Please contact us in the event that this happens at 888-259-5475.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

The charge on your credit card statement will appear from CraveBurger.

Questions About CraveBurger

What do I do if I have trouble finding the pickup location?

Please note that CraveBurger is a virtual kitchen and does not have it’s own brick and mortar location. If the address you are picking up from leads you to a restaurant of another name, we are located within that restaurant. Keep an eye out for stickers or window clings with our logo on them with instructions for “Pickup for CraveBurger here.”

For additional assistance, please double-check your driver instructions, or call 888-259-5475.

The location is closed. How do I proceed?

If you arrive and the location is closed, please call driver support immediately at 888-259-5475.


I want to become a fulfillment partner for CraveBurger.

That’s so great to hear! We’d love to work with you. Please head to Nextbite.io to apply to become a fulfillment partner.


I have a question about CraveBurger and Nextbite.

For media inquiries regarding CraveBurger or Nextbite, please send an email to [email protected]. Thank you for your interest and we will get back to you shortly!

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